Thursday, May 13, 2010

Report on session with AHS Students' Leaders of USM

Report on Session with Students’ Leaders of USM

1. The session involved Student Representative Council (SRC) for Allied Health Science Constituency IIUM, USM and Persatuan Pelajar Sains Kesihatan (PPSK). They are Mohd Hakim B Zakaria (SRC IIUM 2009/10), Sis. Hamizah (SRC AHS USM), Bro. Ridhuan (President PPSK), Sis. Maryuni (Exco PPSK), Sis. Aminah (SRC USM) and Bro Hilmi (SRC IIUM 2008/09).

2. Details of session as follows:
Date : 7th May 2010
Time : 9.30 a.m. – 12.00 p.m.
Venue : Student Meeting Room USM Kubang Kerian.

3. Agenda was discussed:

a) Taaruf session

b) Briefing of overview on Heals,PPSK & SRC.
- Heals : Briefing organization structure and some program that was conducted.
- SRC : Briefing on program that was planned for the next semester and sharing of some ideas regarding on SRC overview.
- PPSK :
i) USM Kubang Kerian consists of three schools which are Dentistry, Medical and Health Science. USMKK have around 2000+ students. School of Health Science consists of 1000+ that contains 11 courses/programs such as Nutrition, Environmental and Occupation Health Science, Sport Science, Medical Radiation, Speech, Biomedical, Audiology, Dietetic, Forensic Science, Diploma of Nursing, and Bachelor of Nursing.
ii) Every courses/program in HS school will send representatives in PPSK during AGM. There is secretariat system was applied in PPSK. Every course have own secretariat and this secretariat have function to lead and run subject-related program. For example, Sport Science Secretariat will run paralympic games. However this program still was organized under PPSK. Meanwhile, PPSK have more function to cater service-based and general activity for all Allied Health Science Students.
iii) Example of program that was conducted by PPSK is Motivational Slot with lecturers, Trial OSPE and OSCE, and Compilation of question (own-initiatives).

c) Planning of AHS Constituency that may give benefit for students.
- Debate inters courses.
- Presentation of Best Final Year Project (FYP) to appreciate final year students and give motivation to other students.
- Dialog session (Heals already conducted Speak Out Loud).

d) Program Collaboration AHS USM-IIUM.

- For the beginning, this collaboration is to gather and build rapport among AHS Students in Malaysia. There are three program were suggested which are Students Health Convention, National Health Quiz, and Games Carnival inter AHS faculty. After long discussion, we have concluded that convention and Quiz are academic based program and need some specialization to be conducted. Meanwhile Games Carnival is social based program and more suitable and combine similarities among various discipline in Allied Health Science. Insyaallah, USM will organize Inter AHS faculty Games Carnival in semester 2 and some of students from IIUM will involved as support committee for this carnival. The technical and operation part will be handled by USM and further discussion will be informed to us later.
e) Link and medium for connection among AHS students.
- For the beginning, this session had agreed to establish the Facebook group as medium of connection. Insyaallah, initiative to establish official blog or portal will discussed with SRC AHS from another university.
f) Arising matters and conclusion
- This session hope the discussion gives benefit for both parties and collaboration that is initiated can improve ukhwah of AHS students IIUM-USM.
4. SRC AHS IIUM hope this session can become the beginning and gate of ukhwah between AHS IIUM and USM. Thank you for cooperation that was be given from all. Any inquiries, suggestion and comments can be given directly to me either through facebook, blog or email:

Thank You.

“Let’s Work Together”

Mohd Hakim B Zakaria
Allied Health Science Costituency
SRC IIUM 2009/10.

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